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The Americas

Brazil – Oberon
Oberon coffee could be described as the Queen of Brazilian coffees. Only the best and finest coffees from Brazil’s Cerrado region find their way into Oberon. The Cerrado region is located in the southwestern part of the Minas Gerais state. It is a region famous for its homogeneous climate, altitude and product quality characteristics. The average temperature lies around 20°C. The average rainfall of about 1,600mm per year occurs mainly during the rainy season from December to March. The Cerrado, with its production area of around 140,000 ha, is between 900 and 1,250 meters above sea level. In this area there are about 3600 coffee producers, the majority of them organized in large cooperatives.

Cerrado is located in a dry and flat region in southwestern Minas Gerais. Because it is mainly dry and flat, producers can worry less about the elements and focus more of their time and energy on producing great coffee. The cherries are picked at the best stage of their maturation, which allows the bean to absorb as much sweetness as possible. The Oberon is the perfect blend of the three main characteristics found in coffee (acidity, body, and sweetness). This makes for a well-balanced coffee that has pleasant, citric acidity, a smooth and full body, nice sweetness, and a dark chocolate flavor.

Flavor characteristics:, Good body, somewhat smoky, reminiscent of roasted peanuts.


Colombian Sierra Nevada
The Cauca department in southern Colombia on the Pacific coast is home to the largest indigenous group in Colombia, the Paez. The growing group is made up of 550 members located in the highlands of the famous Cauca Region.

American Roast - Flavor Notes: Green apple, vanilla, raisin, chocolate

French Roast - Flavor Notes: Chocolate, quite sharp, mildly tarry

Vienna Roast - Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate and Black Pepper

Fair Trade / Organic


Costa Rica - Tarrazu
Another Vienna Roast, offering a sweet smooth cup, rich and reminiscent of bakers chocolate.

Vienna Roast – Dark chocolate, nougat


Guatemala - Chajul
The Guatemalan Chajulense American Roast is medium bodied with a sweet aroma and lemony aftertaste, while the French Roast version is reminiscent of dark chocolate and brown sugar.

Chajul is in the Ixil region of Guatemala, where The Coffee Trust, founded by co-owner Bill Fishbein, has concentrated its sustainability efforts in education, healthcare, food security, economic development and capacity building. When La Roya, the coffee Leaf Rust fungal disease that’s been ravaging Central American coffee farms since 2013, hit Chajul, the Coffee Trust found itself needing to shift gears from promoting general sustainability, to finding very specific solutions to coffee farmers’ capacity to survive the devastation. (Chajul lost 75% of its crop in 2014) Uprooting old coffee plants and replanting disease resistant plants was a first major effort, but maintaining healthy plants using EMs (effective micro-organisms) and food security measures allowing Chajulense families to plant their own food using an indigenous compasino a compasino (farmer to farmer) methodology has lead to increased participation by up to 1500 farming families, up from an original 150, in two years. Through fundraisers by several cafes around the country, and Coffee Exchange’s several fundraisers including the now famous ((it’s been going on for 26 years and counting) New Year’s Day Fundraiser and a 6-8 week fundraiser during the year, Coffee Exchange customers and staff have raised over $25,000 over the last two years, for the Coffee Trust’s Roya Recovery Project.

American Roast - Flavor Notes: Mild lemony and red fruit acidity, Vanilla, Medium bodied.

French Roast - Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Smooth drinking.

Fair Trade / Organic


Honduran Comsa Espresso Roast
This is the darkest in our dark roast repertoire. Like the Full City version, the Comsa Espresso Roast is big and round, and it’s heavy, like the French Roast, but it’s the savory sweet velvety flavor that surprises and satisfies.

*(FTO) Fair Trade Organic


Honduras - Comsa
The light roast brews smooth and sweet, with a rounded body and toffee like flavors. The dark with notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and cream.

Full City Roast – Milk chocolate, mild citric acidity, malt, full bodied.
French Roast – Round and smooth with a hint of black pepper.


Peru – Pangoa
The 700 members of this grower’s co-op are located in the highlands of the western amazon not too far from the Brazilian border. Starting with only 50 farmers in 1977, the group went through very difficult times when the Shining Path militant group swept through the area driving away many of the regions farmers during the late 80’s. Since that time the group has rebuilt to its present numbers delivering high quality, fair-trade organic coffee to market.

French Roast – Round and smooth, dark chocolate, walnut