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Papua New Guinea Peaberry - Kigabah
This Papua New Guinea Peaberry comes from the Kigabah Estate, which is located in Banz in the Western Highlands Province. It is grown at 1520 meters above sea level in nutrient rich volcanic soil. At this elevation, the coffee is able to mature slowly, which in turn creates a dense bean and a complex flavor profile.

The Kigabah Estate was originally established in the 1960's by Australian farmers that were part of a development program run by the Australian government. By the 1980's, Papua New Guinea had achieved independence and had reclaimed the land taken from local farmers and tribesmen. The Kigabah Estate remains as one of the few plots of land still owned by foreign investors. In addition to producing some of the finest coffee in the region, the Kigabah Estate continues to help employ local communities, and support local schools and health centers.

Cup Characteristics
An American Roast, clean, crisp, with fruity resolution. Notes of cedar and tomatoes.


Sumatra – Gayo Mountain
The Permata group comprising about 2000 members is located in northern Sumatra in the Aceh province. This group has been producing high quality coffee for us since 2009. The indigenous Gayonese people in the district of Bener Meriah make up a large portion of these coffee-growing families. The region’s coffee has a distinct quality due to the unique processing challenges in northern Sumatra. Climate in this area is very hot and humid even at higher elevations so drying the coffee as in other parts of the coffee world are impossible.

Full City Roast – Tobacco, chocolate, cedar, forest floor, mild red fruit acidity
French Roast – Chocolate, round and smooth, black cherry