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Our Coffee Club

How I beat the system and never again have to say
“ OMG, I forgot to order my coffee”

Great coffee delivered to your doorstep when you want it – automatically.

We regular coffee drinkers share a special relationship with our coffee: quality, consistency and familiarity. We’ve put a lot of time and effort to get the right value, that special flavor, the right origin, the right roast and grind. Even the right coffeemaker.

When all the coffee stars are aligned, that first cup is both peaceful and energizing, helping to prepare ourselves for the slings and arrows, but separating us from those pressures that are still out there, that won’t go away, but that “will simply have to wait while I enjoy my first cup of coffee.”

Until .................................................... OMG, I forgot to order my coffee!

If you were a COFX Coffee Club member, your coffee would already have been delivered according to your schedule, with a 10% discount, and with you knowing your $35 COFX backpack bottle (free with your 20th pound) is on the way. .... Actually, it's not. The Backpack bottles, while not necessarily a thing of the past, are not going to make it before 2016. We've replaced them with a new Kleen Kanteen thermal travel mug, which won't be available until around December 15. It's as good as the backpack bottle, maybe better. With your 20th Pound ordered as a club member - or shortly thereafter - we'll send you the Kleen Kanteen thermal mug.

How does it work?

You choose which coffees you want sent,
remember: 4 LBs always gets you free shipping.

You choose the delivery schedule: every 2 weeks? Every 4 weeks? Whatever you choose we’ll make it happen.

Every COFX Club order is discounted 10% off the regular mail order price.

And you can change your order at any time, and still maintain that 10% discount on all COFX Club orders.

You can leave for vacation, having put your regular order on hold, with the security of knowing you’ve already set it to resume on such-and-such a date.


Great Tasting Coffee! For over 30 years, Coffee Exchange has been serving great coffee, for 25 years roasted on the premises at our café on Wickenden Street in Providence, RI.

10% off all coffee ordered.

FREE $35.00 Backpack Bottle free with your 20th pound..

No minimum You can order as little as ONE pound of coffee. We suggest a minimum of 4 LBs to take advantage of Coffee Exchange’s now famous FREE SHIPPING with 4 LBs policy.

Change your order (pounds and frequency) as of as often as you wish.

Cancel at any time, no questions asked. Well, we might ask if there’s a problem. but we won’t give you a hard time. Truth is: it doesn’t happen often. We don’t have a lot of practice here.

No Contract. No Obligation. No Kidding.

Simply go to Join the Coffee Club register and enjoy coffee freedom.